Resistant to weather extremes, chemical exposure and abuse, the Stark SE-1 Pistol Grip is available in Black, Earth, Green and MultiCam Camo.

The Stark ANG pistol Grip has no integral triggerguard so it can be installed on any AR rifle, including billet receivers. The angle of the grip is more natural for your hands, closer to a 90-degree angle, allowing the shooter’s arms to stay tighter to the body with the wrist straighter. The hand stop located at the upper backstrap locks the hand in at the same position and the index finger at the same angle to the trigger every time for consistent shot placement. The grip has a secure storage space for various sized batteries and a durable, textured material with armor-like soft coating. The Stark ANG pistol grip is available also as a “Sling Grip”, the only AR Rifle grip with a built-in ambidextrous Single-Point Sling Mount(available in two versions: Hook Mount or Swivel Mount). The mount is positioned at the upper part of the backstrap located above the hand and below the buffer tube, with a low-profile design that stays out of the way of a fully collapsed M4-style stock.

The AK version of Stark’s SE-1 Pistol grip brings all of the same ergonomic features of Stark Grips to the AK-47 rifle series. Features of the AK grip include the patented hand-stop, unique grip angle, storage compartment, and durable, textured material with armor-like soft coating.

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