Stealth Cam G42NG

When wildlife officers or police agencies monitor remote sites or urban areas during power outages, nothing is more reliable than the Stealth Cam G42NG remote-sensing camera.

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The G42NG senses movements out to 100 feet in darkness with its 42 “black” infrared emitters and low-light retina. It then takes video, or one-to-nine images, per triggering. It can also tag photos with GPS coordinates.

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Stealth Cam was launched in 2000. Prior to the launch of Stealth Cam, traditional trail cameras were “pieced” together using off the shelf components, crudely wired together to build a working camera. Stealth Cam approached this category by wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch. Rather than piecing together mis-matched parts, through cutting edge engineering and resources, Stealth Cam built their first trail camera from the ground up as one complete unit.

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