A customizable stock pack is something most shooters cherish. Triad Tactical under took that into consideration when designing the all new Triad Modular Stock Pack.

The Triad Modular Stock Pack is a new spin on a classic design. With the success of the other stock packs, Triad Tactical took the design features from them and applied them to a new product line.

The Triad Modular Stock Pack is the only stock pack on the market that allows the user to choose between keeping ammunition on either the outside or inside of the zippered pouch.

Triad Tactical also currently offers five different accessory strips for use with the Modular Stock Pack:

  • 22LR to 308 sized shells
  • 308 to 338LM sized shells
  • 50BGM or 20/12ga shotshell
  • Single box magazine for AICS or similar systems
  • Triple carrier for single stack 22LR rifle magazines

The aforementioned strips are sold separately from the stock packs and can be purchased by clicking here.

Any velcro back ammo carrier that will fit on the 2×7-inch strip of loop material can be used with the Triad Modular Stock Pack. Strips placed on the inside pocket can accommodate rounds up to 3 3/4 inches of OAL at the back of the pocket, which tapers forward down to about 3 inches.

The underside of the Triad Modular Stock Pack is completely lined with Velcro loop, including the face of the adjustment straps — this allows the user to add various types of hook material to raise the elevation of the comb. Other manufacturers have only a limited area for attachment, which reduces the amount of adjustment and options.

Each Triad Modular Stock Pack is provided with six strips of hook and loop material so you can adjust the height and fit to match your rifle. Without any material added, the stock pack adds about 3/8 of an inch to your rifle’s comb. The six strips offer an additional 3/8 of an inch to that.

There are four straps to secure your Triad Modular Stock Pack to your rifle: three around the bottom and one around the end. There are five slots along the bottom edge for the three bottom straps. This will allow you to locate the straps in the slots best suited to fit your rifle. This is needed on some stocks that might have fit issues with sling attachment or stock adjustment hardware.

  • Non-slip lami-suede cheek pad for “Proper Cheek Weld”.
  • Heavy Duty #9 YKK zippered Cordura nylon compartment for miscellaneous items or additional ammo.
  • Heavy Duty Stitching and durable Cordura material construction.
  • Four Velcro adjustable tension straps wrap around the stock and hold the pack securely in place.

The Triad Modular Stock Pack retails for $43.13.

For more information on the Triad Modular Stock Pack and other products from Triad Tactical, visit

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