Stronghold XL Tactical Edition lead
The Stronghold XL Tactical Edition Safe Caters to All Gun Lengths

From long tactical sniper rifles to short bullpups, the Revolution Safe Company wanted to make sure every gun owner was taken care of.

The company has created the Stronghold XL Tactical Edition, featuring licensed Pendleton Revolution Technology, to cater to owners with a wide variety of guns.

The Tactical Edition offers unequaled ease of access to a double row of ARs and similar platform firearms displayed on revolving shelving — any gun in the safe is within a hands reach at any time.

The XL Tactical Edition can comfortably accommodate seven different ranges of gun lengths at once, and even more if you consider the single port adjustable turrets. Most importantly, these ranges of gun lengths are adjustable to your specific collection.

Additionally, the Tactical Edition can be equipped with unique storage shelving for both compact and full frame handguns to accommodate both pistols and revolvers without sacrificing long gun capacity.

Every Stronghold Safe is built to order. Your safe can be pre-set at the factory to accommodate specific gun lengths, or you can choose a standard configuration and make any final adjustments yourself once your safe arrives.

All shelving in the Tactical Edition is adjustable. The shelving is made from solid steel and is additionally reinforced by steel support plates which eliminate any concerns about loading capacity and provides storage for tactical gear or other valuables.

The Stronghold XL Tactical Edition features an advanced moisture control system and has more than 400 LED lights, providing you with unmatched visibility to your collection.

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