STRYKR Covert Carry TAC Shorts
The STRYKR Covert Carry TAC Shorts.

With the summer quickly approaching, STRYKR Covert Carry has released its “TAC Shorts” for easy, concealable carry as the weather warms up.

Available in khaki, the TAC Shorts are fitted with the Covert Cargo Holster System on the right side. They can easily accommodate a small pocket pistol up to a medium-sized handgun, like a Glock 19.

The TAC Shorts are part of STRYKR’s Covert Carry line, a new and innovative conceal-carry system that features a low profile drop-down tactical holster system covertly integrated into a pair of rip-stop cargo shorts that can accommodate virtually all pistol platforms.

STRYKR’s Covert Cargo Pocket, like the one featured on the TAC Shorts, is lined with a tough, smooth and lightweight ballistic type material that eliminates imprint and helps prevent the handgun’s hammer, safeties, beavertail or sights from getting caught on clothing. The system provides a fast, one-motion, snag-resistant draw.

Unlike IWB holsters, which need to be covered by a shirt or jacket to provide concealment, the STRYKR Covert Carry Holster System is accessed through a three-inch opening at the top of their Covert Cargo Pocket. The pocket itself provides concealment; therefore, no baggy t-shirt, untucked dress shirt or jacket is required.

To draw from the concealed-carry position, the user simply pushes into the three-inch opening with their fingers. As their hand reaches down into the Covert Pocket for the handgun’s handle, the pressure from this movement forces the hook and loop fasteners lining the top of the Covert Cargo Pocket to break open along the top edge of the pocket. This provides a larger opening for the handgun to be pulled through coming out of the holster, unhindered on the up-draw.

The smooth and tough “snake skin-like” material lining the inside of the Covert Cargo Pocket helps prevent any part of the gun from snagging.

The secret to the STRYKR Covert Carry system’s success comes from the lightweight brace holster that attaches to the user’s thigh, located under the Covert Cargo Pocket and connected to the pants, creating the drop-down tactical holster effect. This prevents the handgun from pulling down on the pants and “slapping” against their leg, keeping its position even while running. It also prevents the pants from being pulled up on the draw.

STRYKR TAC Shorts retail for $149.

For more information about the STRYKR Covert Carry line and to see videos of it in action, please visit

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