One Source Tactical has introduced their Suarez International Advanced AUG Forward Para Rail, new for 2014. With the development of this new rail, One Source Tactical sought to modernize the Steyr AUG rifle and the folding forward grip.

As most new accessory rails for the AUG are overweight and create a clunky look on the rifle, this new product adds little weight when compared to the existing Steyr AUG VFG, and it’s also extremely lightweight compared to the Austrian rail. It has an overall weight of four ounces. In addition, the Forward Para Rail provides multiple mounting points and allows the end-user to add VFG, Illumination, IR Lasers, bipods, or other mission essential kit. Mounting accessories had previously been difficult due to placement of the controls and the lack of positional rail space.

Adding to its functionality, the AUG Forward Para Rail brings the hand closer to the receiver and offers a resting place away from the barrel for the leading thumb. As One Source Tactical notes, the AUG folding grip was cutting edge in 1977. Most would use the VFG with a beer can grip, with thumb opposite the fingers. However, studies have shown that placing the support thumb on the same side of the fingers and holding the grip higher — something impossible to do with a standard AUG folding grip and overweight rails — results in increased weapon control and accuracy. With the new AUG Forward Para Rail, the end user will be able to do just that.

The Suarez International Advanced AUG Forward Para Rail from One Source Tactical has a manufacturer suggested retail price of $79.99. It is available now for purchase.

For more information about the AUG Forward Para Rail and other various products offered by One Source Tactical, a subsidiary of Suarez International, please visit

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