One Source Tactical has announced the release of their Suarez International (SI) AUG Advanced Combat Rail, brand new for 2014. Click here to watch a video for more information about this new product.

When Suarez International tested the Steyr AUG for nearly a year, the company found that the rail is compatible with red dot sights such as the Aimpoint. However, if the end user wants to utilize an ACOG, Browe, Leupold or other limited eye relief scopes, difficulties emerge. In addition, the Steyr AUG rail doesn’t provide the needed rail space to use a scope with a back up iron sight. The AUG Advanced Combat Rail addresses these concerns by extending back toward the shooter.

The new AUG Advanced Combat Rail also addresses the issue of ambidextrous use. Suarez International has provided the user the ability to operate ambidextrously by including a provision for adding an AUG Case Deflector with a couple of Allen screws.

For optimum shooting comfort and accuracy, the end of the AUG Advanced Combat Rail has been fabricated without any Picatinny interference to serve as a cheek index point. According to SI, this is similar to what the charging handle does on the M4 series of rifles.

During the testing process, Suarez International also discovered that the existing AUG rail’s sling position was interfering with the charging handle manipulation. To address this, the AUG Advanced Combat Rail was designed with several lightning cuts which serve as the perfect location for any sling attachment, up to and including rail mounted sling loops.

The AUG Advanced Combat Rail has an overall length of 16 3/4″ and a weight of 6.7 ounces. The product is available for $79.99 from One Source Tactical.

For more information about the SI Advanced Combat Rail and other products offered by One Source Tactical, a subsidiary of Suarez International, please visit

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