Silence is golden, and these suppressors will help you tame the bark of even the most ferocious beasts! From compact handgun suppressors to .50 BMG behemoths, Special Weapons takes you on a tour of some of the best options available today.

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Sure, everybody knows about suppressors, but how about silencing true powerhouses? From .458 SOCOM to .300 Win Mag to .50 BMG, these suppressors silence some true monsters of the tactical world.

SureFire SOCOM 556-RC

SureFire, a name revered and respected in the SpecOps community, knows how to make the products these warriors need. The SOCOM 556-RC is no exception, delivering mission-ready suppressor performance that can be deployed quickly and in a wide range of tactical applications.


When it comes to delivering top-quality performance at an affordable price, few can beat Liberty Suppressors. And the Mystic X, adaptable to a wide range of chamberings, is no exception. This affordable, adaptable and capable suppressor would make a fine addition to any shooter’s collection.

For those in the know, GemTech is the name to follow in suppressors. With a wide range of products designed to deliver maximum performance, GemTech knows how to deliver. Take a look at some of its latest and most impressive offerings in these pages. We are sure you will find just what you need!

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