Finding the right rifle is only half the battle. To get the most from the 300 Blackout’s subsonic capabilities, you need a reliable sound suppressor. This allows you to protect you and your teammate’s hearing without giving away your position.

Suppressors also go a long way toward not spooking the neighbors. Without further ado, here are some cutting-edge 300 Blackout suppressors to pair with your rifle.

AAC 762-SD

The all-Inconel baffle stack on this full-length suppressor is designed to stand up to the pressures of full-power 7.62mm NATO ammunition, with its service life extending when you use 300 Blackout ammo with its lower pressures (especially the subsonic rounds).

The 9-inch body on this suppressor provides outstanding sound signature reduction in just about the largest suppressor that makes sense on a bolt-action gun. (; 770-925-9988)

Gemtech Dagger

Designed to survive full-auto fire, mount quickly to standard 5/8×24 threads, user serviceable and handle tactical rounds from 5.56mm to .300 Win Mag, this suppressor is ready to mount to 300 Blackout rifles or pistols with a minimum barrel length of only 7.5 inches.

Designed to meet or exceed SOCOM design standards, these distinctive suppressors are in wide service with police and U.S. military entities. (; 208-939-7222)

Gemtech GMT-300BLK

Designed specifically for the 300 Blackout round, this suppressor is relatively short and particularly effective with a stated sound reduction rating of 28 to 30 decibels.

The suppressor’s short length helps limit your weapon’s overall length for operations inside structures, ships and other confined spaces, and its relatively light weight helps preserve a bit of the weapon’s natural point of aim. (; 208-939-7222)

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