The AAC Brand Suppressor Relaunch.
(Photo by Advanced Armament Corporations)

One year ago this month, Remington announced the split of the brand among seven other companies. The split came as a result of their second bankruptcy filing in just two years. Among the purchasers was JJE Capital Holdings, who also acquired DPMS, H&R, Stormlake, AAC and Parker Brands. And so, AAC announces the relaunch their suppressor brand, with a focus on customer service and new offerings.

AAC Brand Suppressor Relaunch

Advanced Armament Corporations (AAC), founded in 1994, recently announced a major organizational restructure and relaunch. Subsequently, the relaunch brings with it the advancement of firearm suppressor technology for military, law enforcement and civilian markets.

The recent purchase of AAC, by JJE Capital Holdings, along with other brands, including a branch of Remington, promises a strong future. Their mission with AAC is to strengthen the brand with a focus on customer support and building on core strengths. The newly acquired AAC will continue to focus on producing reliable, performance driven suppressors for a vast and diverse market.

The relaunch of AAC promises a deep bench of professionals, to see to brand continuity and forward engineering. The staff boasts suppressor industry professionals, as well as AAC alumni, including Senior Program Manager Ben Bachmeier.

“We are fortunate to have acquired the former Advanced Armament Corporation intellectual property and brand name,” said Bachmeier, “this has given us the opportunity to start fresh with people who have been involved with and have been passionate about this brand for a long time, including myself. It is my intention to take care of the people that have, over the years, helped propel the AAC brand to its leading position in the industry.”

Owners of legacy AAC suppressor models will be happy to know that AAC will maintain service and repair of older models. A renewed commitment to customer needs has AAC focusing on customer service, for current and new customers alike. With that in mind, all new suppressors will also receive a new Lifetime Warranty.

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