The adjustable SIG MODX-45 delivers lots of versatility in a suppressor.

SIG Sauer just keeps on cranking out new guns and gear. The latest: the SIG MODX-45 Pistol Suppressor. The SIG MODX-45 utilizes 3D-printed titanium baffles to deliver an adjustable, capable pistol suppression device.

SIG MODX-45 Pistol Suppressor

The SIG MODX line of suppressors proves unique. The foundation centers on its titanium baffles, delivering lightweight strength and performance. The segmented design enables users to adjust for overall length, weight and sound suppression. For an operator conduction a multitude of missions, the suppressor’s capabilities should prove desirable.

The 3D-printed titanium baffles and encapsulator provide up to 21 points of adjustment. Overall length adjusts from 3.25 to 9.25 inches. Those adjustments comes with and overall weight range of 5 to 9 ounces. Meanwhile, sound suppression ranges from 133dB to 149dB. The suppressor comes user-configurable. It includes two pistons, disassembly tools, .578×28 and M16x1LH pistons and a fixed-barrel spacer. It also includes popular imperial and metric position for its given caliber, according to SIG. For even more info, please visit

SIG MODX-45 Features

  • Segmented Titanium 3D-Printed
  • Titanium Baffles
  • Shooter adjustable, the number of baffles and/or overall length to fit mission
  • Includes two pistons (.578×28, M16x1LH)
  • Multi-Caliber capable with accessory pistons (MODX-45 only)

SIG MODX-45 Suppressor Specs

  • Overall Weight: 8.75 ounces
  • Length: 9.25 inches
  • Overall Width: 1.35 inches
  • dB Average: 133 dB
  • Caliber: .45
  • Finish: Black DLC
  • Baffle Material: Titanium
  • Mount: .578×28 and M16x1xLH Pistons

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