SureFire SOCOM300-Ti

SureFire recently announced the release of its newest suppressor, the SOCOM300-Ti. The lightweight, titanium suppressor accommodates .308 platforms and below.

The SOCOM300-Ti is a lightweight suppressor optimized for precision-oriented platforms chambered in .308 caliber and below, according to SureFire. Variants also accommodate 6.5mm, 6mm and 5.56mm. The suppressor combines minimal weight and maximum sound attenuation, according to SureFire.

The unit weighs in at just 11 ounces. The SOCOM300-Ti utilizes a high-grade titanium construction. The front plate, baffles, and locking ring also feature titanium construction, delivering significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength.

The SOCOM300-Ti also features SureFire’s renowned Fast Attach mounting system. The system, while extremely quick, delivers minimal and repeatable impact shift. That guarantees superior accuracy regardless of the number of attach/detach cycles, according to SureFire. The company test-fires all SOCOM300-Ti suppressors to verify sub-1 MOA group size and point-of-impact shift. The Fast Attach system also allows attachment and removal without the need for tools.

The SOCOM300-Ti delivers tremendous sound, flash and dust signature reduction with virtually non-existent first-round flash, which reduces user detection, according to SureFire. Further, SureFire maintains stringent standards resulting in tight tolerances and precision bore concentricity.

The suppressor comes in two color choices, black or dark earth. For more information, visit

SureFire SOCOM300-Ti Specifications

  • Overall Length: 7.9 inches
  • Overall Weight: 11 ounces
  • Caliber: 7.62mm
  • Overall Diameter: 1.5 inches


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