A quick visit to the Walker Defense Research website reveals that the new Arizona-based company is currently selling one product and one product only: the NERO 556 muzzle brake.

The eye-catching NERO (Neutralizing Energy, Remain at Origin) 556 is 3D printed from an Inconel alloy and threaded with 1/2-28 threads. In addition, it’s compatible with AR15 rifles chambered in 5.56mm/223 Rem.

In the product listing, Walker Defense Research says this tactical muzzle brake is designed to minimize muzzle rise and recoil for the shooter, while at the same time reducing the felt concussion when compared to traditional muzzle brake options currently on the market.

Sporting a “Black Cat Tactical PVD” coating made by New York-based company Vergason Technology, the NERO 556 ships with one crush washer and is available at a base MSRP of $179.99. However, WDR says it serialized this muzzle brake for quality control. For an extra $10, users have the option of getting the lowest available serial number.

If you really want to see the NERO 556 stretch its legs, check out the video below. It shows the muzzle brake in full-auto action with an SBR, depicting one-handed operation; first-person view through an EOTech optic; and multiple mag dumps.

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NERO 556 Features

  • Reduce Recoil
  • Minimize Muzzle Climb
  • Manages Felt Concussion
  • Compatibility: AR-15 | 1/2×28 Threads
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Material: Inconel
  • Coating: Black Cat Tactical PVD Coating by Vergason Technology, Inc.
  • Serialized for Quality Control
  • x1 Crush Washer Included

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