SureFire X400-GN Ultra green laser lead
The SureFire X400-GN Ultra
SureFire X400-GN Ultra green laser lead
The SureFire X400-GN Ultra

SureFire has expanded its X-Series WeaponLights with the addition of the all new X400-GN Ultra, for users who prefer a green dot on target over a red one.

The newest X400 Ultra model features a high-visibility green-laser sight instead of the red-laser sight found on the best-selling original X400 Ultra (X400U-A- RD).

Most other aspects of the X400-GN Ultra, however — including light output, dimensions, weight, switching  and attachment options — are identical to its red-laser counterpart.

In addition to being highly visible, the five-milliwatt (505 nanometer) green laser of the new X400 Ultra is generated by a green-laser diode, making it more reliable over a wider temperature range than double YAG green lasers on the market.

Just like the original X400 Ultra, the green-laser version has an adjustment mechanism that uses Nylok screws that won’t back out from the effects of recoil, so its laser holds zero longer.

Like all “Ultra” X- Series lights, the X400-GN Ultra features a recoil-proof primary LED that delivers 500 lumens of white light focused through a TIR lens to create a versatile beam with significant reach and surround light. Power is supplied by two disposable 123A lithium batteries, which produce tactical-level output (enough to overwhelm an aggressor’s vision) for up to one-and-a-half hours.

Activating any X-Series WeaponLight is achieved via an ambidextrous push/toggle switch located on the end cap. For additional control, without the need to alter the shooter’s grip on the weapon, X-Series lights can be outfitted with optional SureFire DG grip switches on many popular pistol models or with SureFire XT pressure-pad tape switch on long guns.

The X400U-A-GN has an MSRP of $790 and will begin shipping in July. It is available for purchase through authorized SureFire dealers, calling SureFire at 800-828-8809, or going online at

SureFire X400-GN Ultra green laser solo
The SureFire X400-GN Ultra

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