surefire G2Z-MV Combatlight
(Photo by SureFire)

SureFire continues to roll out exciting new products at a breakneck pace in 2017, with the G2Z-MV Combatlight being the Fountain Valley, California-based company’s latest offering. Designed and built for tactical use, the G2Z-MV features a high-performance LED and specially developed reflector that create a wide, smooth, white MaxVision beam. Max output is 650 Lumens on high. It also sports a newly-designed 14mm bezel, making it shorter and lighter in weight than its predecessor while generating nearly twice the output.

Get the full scoop in the press release below.

SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the launch of the new G2Z-MV. SureFire’s new single-output G2Z Combatlight with MaxVision— features a proprietary reflector that shapes the 650 lumens of light into our wide, useful MaxVision Beam optimized for your field of view.

With its newly designed bezel, the compact G2Z is even shorter and lighter than its predecessor, generates nearly twice the output, and has all of the same features for outstanding tactical performance. Its corrosion-proof Nitrolon body is durable and lightweight and features SureFire’s CombatGrip design—a reduced-diameter mid-section and rubber grip ring that’s perfect for flashlight/handgun techniques and provides a secure hold with wet, cold, or gloved hands.

A click-on/off tailcap switch provides ergonomic, foolproof activation even under the most stressful conditions. For simplicity, ergonomics, reliability, and durability in a tactical flashlight, there’s simply no beating the new G2Z-MV CombatLight.

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