SureFire has produced hundreds of flashlights and weaponlights over the years, but nothing as powerful as its newest model.

The company says the new UDR Dominator and its maximum output of 2,400 lumens is the most powerful LED flashlight in the SureFire’s 35-year history.

With its ultra-high maximum output and a deep precision reflector to shape the light into a far-reaching beam, the UDR Dominator qualifies as a “tactical” flashlight, given its obvious military, law enforcement and border security applications. But it’s also well-suited for maritime use, search-and-rescue operations, or any other application where an ultra-bright, portable searchlight would prove useful.

Along with its 2,400-lumen max setting, the variable-output UDR Dominator also produces eight other useful output levels and even has a strobe-light setting, designed to disorient an aggressor, and a disable feature to prevent accidental activation.

The UDR Dominator is one of several “dual-fuel-capable” flashlights produced by SureFire, which means it can be powered by an included lithium-ion rechargeable battery or by twelve disposable 123A batteries, for situations where recharging the light between uses may not be an option.

A built-in, color-coded LED fuel gauge keeps users abreast of remaining battery power and the light can be charged via an AC wall socket or a DC vehicle socket.

Built to be as rugged as it is powerful—for the obvious outdoor uses for which it is intended—the UDR is constructed of lightweight but strong aerospace aluminum, is hard anodized with a durable Mil-Spec finish, and has O-ring and gasket seals to protect sophisticated internal electronics from moisture and debris.

The UDR Dominator has an MSRP of $1,370 and is available now.

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