SureFire Y300 Ultra flashlight backpack
The SureFire Y300 Ultra flashlight

Size, field use, convenience: SureFire seemed to take everything into account when designing the all new Y300 Ultra flashlight.

As an “Ultra” model, the Y300 features an ultra-high-output LED that generates a maximum output of 500 lumens.

The newest model from SureFire is also ultra-compact, at just 3.6 inches in length, and weighs only 5.5 ounces when loaded with the two 123A lithium batteries that power it.

In addition to its 500-lumen max output, the dual-output Y300U generates a useful 15-lumen beam on its lower setting. The Y300 Ultra also has a unique magnetic platform that allows attachment to a variety of metal surfaces, for hands-free use.

A short body allows the Y300 Ultra to fit easily in the palm of a hand. The body also provides a wider platform to mount a magnet platform that enables the flashlight to be attached to any steel surface or to its included magnet belt clip for secure carry and easy access.

The flashlight comes with an included steel pocket clip, which can be attached for secure pocket carry or to clip the light to the bill of a cap for quick-and-easy hands-free illumination.

The Y300 Ultra features a TIR lens that focuses its LED to create a beam with plenty of reach and sufficient surround light to accommodate peripheral vision. It has an ambidextrous push/toggle switch located on its endcap, which sets the LED’s output level and activates it in momentary- or constant-on mode.

The body and bezel are constructed of lightweight, durable aerospace aluminum that’s finished with rugged, attractive Mil-Spec hard anodizing that resists chipping and corrosion. The unit is also gasket and O-ring sealed to keep debris and moisture away from Y300U’s electronics, so it’s weatherproof and able to thrive in extreme conditions.

Although it strongly resembles SureFire’s X-Series WeaponLights, the Y300U is not designed for attachment to a weapon of any kind.

The Y300 Ultra has an MSRP of $295.

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