The M600 AA is a versatile new member of SureFire’s best-in class Scout Light family.

It features a recoil-proof, solid-state LED that produces 200 lumens of blinding white light focused by a patented TIR lens into a useful beam with plenty of reach and ample surround light for maintaining good situational awareness. It’s ideal for close- to longer-range applications.

Adding to the M600 AA’s versatility is the fact that it can be powered by either AA lithium batteries—for maximum performance—or by AA alkalines, both of which are readily available in remote parts of the world.

This low-profile light securely mounts to MIL-STD-1913 rails via an integral thumbscrew clamp and, thanks to its lightweight aerospace aluminum construction, it won’t bog down your weapon or sacrifice its maneuverability. The combat-ready M600 AA Scout Light is activated by either clicking its included pushbutton tailcap switch or by pressing its optional pressure-pad tape switch.

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