SureFire has released its new WristLight, available for everyone to use. The 2211X wristlight is the newest member of the groundbreaking 2211 family. It features a lightweight rugged polymer body and a faceted reflector that shapes its LED-generated light into a broad MaxVison Beam™ powered by one 123A battery. Like all 2211 WristLights, it’s always accessible and features a one-touch max-output switch to unleash all 300 lumens in an instant. You can also select long-runtime low-output settings for countless non-tactical uses. It’s the most affordable WristLight ever, and it’s only from SureFire!

It’s also easy to use, according to SureFire: Just press the 2211X’s pushbutton switch once to unleash all 300 lumens. When paired with a handgun, it’s more than enough light to identify targets and to overwhelm a threat’s dark-adapted vision at close range. And the LED has been ingeniously positioned so that it automatically aligns to illuminate a closer-range target when worn on the support hand wrist and used in a standard two-handed grip. Or press and hold the same switch to cycle to the longer-runtime 60- and 15-lumen settings that are ideal for a wide range of non-tactical close-range tasks such as loading gear, working on a car, or making your way around a dark house when the power goes out.

The WristLight is guaranteed for life with a retail price of $169 and can be purchased at

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