Syrac Ordnance AR-15 Low Pro Fully Adjustable Gas Piston System

Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) has expanded its Syrac Ordnance AR-15 parts inventory in a big way.

MSP, which both produces and distributes hundreds of firearms products, has added the Syrac Ordnance AR-15  Low Pro Fully Adjustable Retro Fit Gas Piston System to its growing lineup.

The new Syrac Ordnance Gas Piston System replaces the standard AR-15 impingement gas system. It features a gas adjustment screw that is accessed from the front of the gas block with an Allen Key (included).

The gas adjustment screw allows you to adjust the amount of gas that enters the system to reduce recoil. Fine tune your rifle based on the type of ammo you use and/or if you are using a silencer.


  • Firearm Type: AR15
  • Available Gas Length: Pistol, Carbine, Mid Length or Rifle Length
  • Barrel Diameter: 0.750″
  • Weight:
    • Carbine: 12.8 oz.
    • Mid: 13.1 oz.
    • Rifle: 13.1 oz.
    • Pistol: 13.3 oz.
    • Bolt Carrier: Carrier body and key are one solid piece. Skis on the back of carrier.
    • Gas Block Attachment Type: Clamp-on
    • Gas Adjustment: Front of gas block


  • Piston System w/ one piece carrier (key is integral to carrier)
  • 7/64″ X 6″ L-shaped Hex Key (tool to adjust gas screw and remove/install gas block plug)

For more information on the Syrac Ordnance AR-15 Low Pro Fully Adjustable Gas Piston System and other products from Mounting Solutions Plus, please visit or

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