Tac-Con Raptor AK-47 Trigger
Tac-Con's Raptor Is a Dream Trigger For the AK-47

Tac-Con said it received “an unprecedented number of requests” before manufacturing one of its newest triggers, a drop-in trigger for the AK platform.

The company listened to those requests and the results is the new Raptor Trigger System.

The Tac-Con Raptor is a fire control system consisting of “Safe” and Tac-Con’s proprietary semi-auto, assisted-reset, fire position. This position provides a positive reset that dramatically reduces the split times between shots.

The positive reset characteristic is achieved by transferring the force from the bolt carrier through the trigger assembly, instantaneously assisting the trigger back onto the sear. As a result, this gives the firearm the fastest reset possible for an AK-47.

The new trigger features a non-adjustable 4.5-pound trigger pull weight with zero take-up and no overtravel.

The Raptor has a suggested retail price of $349 and is available for order now.

For more information on the Raptor and other products from Tac-Con, please visit TacConUSA.com.

The Tac-Con Raptor is ATF approved and is not an NFA part. This is not a bump fire system and the shooter must pull the trigger once for every round fired.

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