Tac Shield Cleaning Kits

I own a lot of gun cleaning kits, and I keep them in a big bag. Every time I am cleaning my guns, I end up spending half my time digging through the bag looking for the one accessory I need. I could be better organized or someone could do it for me. Thankfully, the new Tac Shield cleaning kits arrived just in time and include everything I needed in one convenient and portable case.

I used the company’s 9mm cleaning kit on a trip to Gunsite Academy that involved a lot of shooting and a lot of cleaning. The kit was exactly what I needed, and it comes loaded with helpful tools and features. You get a standard brass, push-through, segmented cleaning rod, 25 cleaning patches, a bronze bore brush, a bronze cleaning jag, a slotted polymer cleaning tip, a cotton mop, a very comfortable and convenient rod handle and a six-piece set of bits for repairs and adjustments that fit onto the cleaning rod handle. The only thing I added was a small bottle of CLP and a cleaning rag.

These kits are available for .45-caliber handguns, as well as for 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington rifles with a pull-through cleaning cable. Each come packed in a compact plastic carrying box about the size of a small paperback book with a clear lid and a secure latch to keep it closed. Mine survived the usual airline handling with the contents intact and in place. Well designed, well considered and well built, what more could anyone ask?

For more information, visit tacshield.com or call 910-687-4695.

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