Tac Shield Shock Sling II new

Tac Shield has built upon the success of its original Shock Sling with the new and innovative single point sling combo, Shock Sling II.

The company’s Controlled Stretch bungee design offers excellent control while shooting and at rest. The Shock Sling II system keeps the weapon tight, while supporting aggressive transitions for engaging targets quickly and precisely.

The Shock Sling II includes both an adjustable shoulder strap and direct vest attachment straps for maximum versatility. Vest Attachment distributes the weight of the shooter’s weapon and offers clean “out of the way” straps.

The double QRB (quick release buckles) support a fast system change to the shoulder strap or sling removal.

The Single Point HK hook is attached with a single QRB that allows for quick weapon removal. Various attachments can be mated with the 1.25-inch QRB for custom weapon connection.

The Shock Sling II retails for $39.99 and is available in either black or coyote.

For more information on the Shock Sling II and other products from Tac Shield, please visit TacShield.com.

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