TACM III, Inc., manufacturer of TACM III Tactical Light Systems for Law Enforcement, Home Security and Sportsmen, is introduces their new TACM III “HELLRAZOR” Aluminum Flashlight designed to fit any mounting device having a 1 inch diameter hole.

TACM III flashlights are specifically designed to withstand the G-forces experienced when used during rough field handling situations. The HELLRAZOR complements the existing family of TACM III flashlights that are presently used for mounting to pistols, shotguns, long guns and tactical rifles and for hand held applications.

The “HELLRAZOR” is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum, weighs approximately 5 ounces with two 3 volt lithium batteries installed and is 5.25 inches long by 1 inch in diameter. This innovative tactical light system makes a very compact addition to any application it may be used in, from hand held to gun mounted. The lithium batteries used provide a continuous use life of approximately one hour twenty minutes and a shelf life of about 10 years. The 6 volt Xenon bulb assembly is a high impact lamp system specifically designed to handle the high G-forces that occur during any activity where rough usage is expected. The HELLRAZOR, whether hand held, or attached to a TACM III Tactical Light System mount for guns, or helmets, or to commercially available flashlight holding straps or gun mounts, will allow and improve the capability of all users such as policemen, firemen, paramedics and EMT’s to perform their day-to-day jobs in a safer manner. The HELLRAZOR, with its bright white piercing light of 105.5 lumens, provides all the power needed to see into those hard-to-see areas and small areas that are not easily accessibly lit by conventional lighting means.

Whether mounted on a gun, head, wrist or helmet or hand held, the HELLRAZOR provides the user with a bright light source while at the same time, allowing free use of one, or when mounted, both hands, to support what ever operation is going on at that time. TACM III Tactical Light Systems are made in the U.S.A. and are being used by Police, Military Forces, Truckers, EMT’s and Fire & Rescue personnel and for Home Security in both this country and overseas.

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