TacStar’s Adaptive Tactical stock can take your Ruger 10/22 to the next level.

Ruger’s slick, little 10/22 autoloader is the most popular rimfire on the planet. Bill Ruger struck gold when he designed the little rifle to closely resemble the .30 M1 Carbine favored by paratroopers and tank crews during World War II. The diminutive .30 Carbine cartridge was no match for the .30-06 rounds fired by M1 Garands, BARs and .30-caliber machine guns, but it was lot better than carrying an M1911 pistol for close-quarters use. The iconic .30 M1 Carbine was retired from service many years ago, but its sleek, lightweight design has earned many fans over the years. Bill Ruger knew what he was doing when he introduced the 10/22 in 1964, and the little rimfire remains a heavy favorite of hunters, plinkers and target shooters. I’ve owned a number 10/22 autoloaders over the years, and they’ve all proven to be light, handy and exceptionally accurate.

A number of variations have been introduced over the years, including full-length Mannlicher-stocked versions, takedown versions, bull-barreled target guns and many others. The little Ruger was even once chambered in .22 Winchester Magnum, but this—along with the short-lived .17 HMR variations—is no longer available. If you want an autoloading rimfire magnum that’s a sturdier, beefed-up version of the 10/22—and shoots the hotter rimfire ammo fodder—Volquartsen rifles are worth digging into. Now TacStar, a Lyman brand, has begun offering a new, eye-catching synthetic stock for Ruger’s best-selling 10/22 autoloading rifles. This is the first in a line of accessories created by Lyman’s partnership with Adaptive Tactical.

Tactical Upgrade
TacStar claims the Adaptive Tactical 10/22 stock has more features than any other stock on the market designed for the popular Ruger rimfire. Patented features include a removable barrel insert in the forend. With the insert in place, the stock accommodates standard-taper barrels. Remove the insert—a simple matter of unscrewing the screws anchoring it in place—and the stock allows a 0.92-inch-diameter bull barrel to be installed with no unsightly gaps between the barrel and stock. The reinforced-polymer stock is offered in both black and camo finishes.

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