Ruger’s slick, little 10/22 autoloader is the most popular rimfire on the planet. Bill Ruger struck gold when he designed the little rifle to closely resemble the .30 M1 Carbine favored by paratroopers and tank crews during World War II. The diminutive .30 Carbine cartridge was no match for the .30-06 rounds fired by M1 Garands, BARs and .30-caliber machine guns, but it was lot better than carrying an M1911 pistol for close-quarters use.

The iconic .30 M1 Carbine was retired from service many years ago, but its sleek, lightweight design has earned many fans over the years. Bill Ruger knew what he was doing when he introduced the 10/22 in 1964, and the little rimfire remains a heavy favorite of hunters, plinkers and target shooters. I’ve owned a number 10/22 autoloaders over the years, and they’ve all proven to be light, handy and exceptionally accurate.

A number of variations have been introduced over the years, including full-length Mannlicher-stocked versions, takedown versions, bull-barreled target guns and many others. The little Ruger was even once chambered in .22 Winchester Magnum, but this—along with the short-lived .17 HMR variations—is no longer available. If you want an autoloading rimfire magnum that’s a sturdier, beefed-up version of the 10/22—and shoots the hotter rimfire ammo fodder—Volquartsen rifles are worth digging into.
Now TacStar, a Lyman brand, has begun offering a new, eye-catching synthetic stock for Ruger’s best-selling 10/22 autoloading rifles. This is the first in a line of accessories created by Lyman’s partnership with Adaptive Tactical.

Tactical Upgrade

TacStar claims the Adaptive Tactical 10/22 stock has more features than any other stock on the market designed for the popular Ruger rimfire. Patented features include a removable barrel insert in the forend. With the insert in place, the stock accommodates standard-taper barrels. Remove the insert—a simple matter of unscrewing the screws anchoring it in place—and the stock allows a 0.92-inch-diameter bull barrel to be installed with no unsightly gaps between the barrel and stock. The reinforced-polymer stock is offered in both black and camo finishes.

In addition, a reversible Picatinny rail is concealed in the forend. The outside surface of the rail lies flush with the contoured forend. Using a 1/8-inch Allen wrench allows you to remove the screws on each end of the rail. This exposes the Picatinny side of the rail, which can be used for mounting a bipod or other accessories.

The quick-adjustable, M4-type buttstock allows users to adjust the length of pull by 4 inches. Simply squeeze the adjustment lever at the forward end of the buttstock, then pull or push the buttstock assembly until the fit suits you. Then release the lever until it clicks into place.

Storage compartments in the buttstock allow you to keep two spare Ruger rotary magazines close at hand. Extra magazines aren’t included but must be purchased separately. It would have been nice to have storage space available for the longer, 50-round magazines—maybe this will happen with the next iteration.

The stock’s pistol grip accepts an optional TacTRED monopod that can be extended from the base of the grip. The monopod provides a stable, single-point rest on any surface and offers tripod-like stability when used with a front rail-mounted (not included) bipod or forend rest.

Easy DIY Install

Installing the Adaptive Tactical 10/22 stock is a snap. Make sure the magazine and chamber are empty, then dismount the barrel and receiver from the stock (you may have to remove the forend strap first). Remove the screw on the underside of the receiver, and set it aside.

Position the rifle so the safety is exposed on equally on both sides of the receiver. Swing the barrel/receiver assembly forward and upward until it clears the stock. Make sure the receiver crosspins and the bolt-stop pin don’t fall out. If you’re replacing the standard barrel with a bull barrel, remove the standard barrel insert. Make sure the same amount of the safety button appears on each side of the receiver. Now swing the barrel and receiver assembly downward and to the rear. Reinstall the bottom receiver screw and tighten it.

The magazine storage compartment is set up for right-hand use. This can be changed to accommodate southpaws by using a T10 Torx wrench to remove the screws on both right and left plates. Reposition the plates and rubber housing on the desired side of the stock. Reattach the plates.

Firing ’Er Up

The Adaptive Tactical 10/22 stock gives the Ruger autoloader a rakish appearance many tactical shooting fans will appreciate. The vertical grip feels comfortable in my hands, and the stock fits me well. I like the ready availability of two extra loaded magazines.

I fired the gun for accuracy with both the standard and Adaptive Tactical 10/22 stocks in place. While the 10/22 receiver is drilled and tapped to accept a scope, the fold-down rear sight and bead-on-post front sight worked very well for me. With or without the new stock in place, the gun printed virtually identical five-round groups at 50 yards.

I found a lot to like in TacStar’s Adaptive Tactical 10/22 accessory stock. It’s easy to install and readily accommodates a bipod. Adding the stock to your Ruger 10/22 doesn’t change the rifle’s weight or trigger pull. If you already own a 10/22, this is a slick way of dressing it up. If you grow tired of the way your TacStar-accessorized stock looks, it takes only a couple of minutes to restore it the 10/22’s original appearance.

Finally, the Adaptive Tactical 10/22 stock is a very affordable upgrade for your reliable Ruger rimfire. The MSRP of the black stock is $129.95, while the camo stock sells for $164.95. TacStar’s TacTRED monopod accessory has an MSRP of only $39.95. For more information, visit or call 800-225-9626.

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