Tactical Atlas AK-47 lead
Tactical Atlas' Gun Mats Make Gun Maintenance Easy

Tactical Atlas (TACAT) has made a big splash in the last year with its line of gun cleaning mats.

Demand aside, the mats were also featured on the Discovery Channel show Sons of Guns in March 2014 (see photo gallery below).

The mats show gun owners how to quickly and properly field strip (disassemble), clean and maintain their firearm.

“We understand that you need a clean, safe surface for your firearm during disassembly, so we’ve created a product that provides you with a non-slick surface that’s durable enough to handle even the harshest cleaners and toughest environments,” Tactical Atlas says on its website. “How durable, you might ask? Each TACAT system, made right here in the USA, is constructed of two layers of military grade vinyl!”

Sandwiched between each layer of protection is a high definition, full color, life-size image that provides firearm enthusiasts with step-by-step instructions on how to properly strip and maintain their firearm. The mats are sized at 39.5 inches 23.5 inches.

Tactical Atlas’s gun cleaning mats are currently available for the AR-15/M4 Carbines, the AK-47 and Glock.

Prices for the mats range from $19.99 to $59.99. The mats also come in different colors and stylings, like the “Land of the Free” American style mat.

For more information on the gun cleaning mats from Tactical Atlas, please visit TacticalAtlas.com.

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