Tactical Command Cabinets EX2240 Board

Tactical Command Cabinets build scustom command cabinets for police, fire and EMS SUV storage, tactical SUV cabinets for SWAT teams, and cabinets for other public works vehicles.

The company’s all new EX2240 Watch Commander was specially designed for incident command situations involving fire, police, EMS and other public works vehicles.

Complete with vertical incident command boards, now any agency can have a board on each side of the command area — even room for a horizontal pull out if needed.

Tactical Command Cabinets’ tactical command boards allow any agency to have more options and depending on the incident, switch out boards as needed.

The new tactical command post, the EX2240 Watch Commander, has a lighter weight than metal cabinets. Most of Tactical Command Cabinets’ public safety cabinets have an optional extremely durable, tough LINE-X finish.

Without a storage solution, most equipment ends up in a pile. Tactical Command Cabinets offer great options for any agency’s SUV.

For more information on the EX2240 Watch Commander and other products from Tactical Command Cabinets, please visit TacticalCommandCabinets.com.

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