Every issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT is dedicated to providing cutting-edge tactical gear to today’s law enforcement officers as well as self-defense-minded citizens. To that end, every issue is jam-packed with a “New Products” page showcasing some of the elite gear hitting the market.

The April/May 2016 issue’s New Products page has several notable pieces of tactical gear, including Hornady’s Extreme Low Drag (ELD) Match and ELD-X expanding bullets, which were designed using Doppler radar technology to go extreme distances. The projectiles feature Heat Shield polymer tips that resist in-flight melting and deformation caused by aerodynamic heating.

Another noteworthy piece of tactical gear is the CQB Stock from Maxim Defense. This PDW stock, fully collapsed, adds less than 5.5 inches to your AR-15’s overall length. In fact, the stock can be extended to four different length-of-pull positions, and it uses an exclusive cut-down JP Silent Capture Spring that allows you to use your current bolt carrier group. But that’s not all.

Scroll through the gallery above to see what other exciting new products were included this issue.

For more information on the tactical gear mentioned in the gallery above, please visit the following websites:

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