Tactical Machining AR-15 Unanodized Stripped Upper Receiver
Tactical Machining's Unanodized Upper Receiver Is Perfect For AR-15s

For those looking to a little building of their own, Tactical Machining makes some of the best mil-spec products on the market.

The all new AR-15 Unanodized Stripped Upper Receiver is a perfect addition to the company’s line of AR-15 products.

Perfect for 80% receiver builds, the AR-15 Unanodized Stripped Upper Receiver is a standard unanodized mil-spec flat top M4 upper receiver with engraved T markings. These are made from 7075-T6 forgings to mil-spec.

The upper receivers have not been anodized so that any finish can be applied.

The AR-15 Unanodized Stripped Upper Receiver retails for $80 and is available now.

Tactical Machining’s 80% AR-15 Lower receiver is also available for purchase. The lower receivers are fully machined to mil-spec tolerances. The operations left to be completed on the receiver are as follows:

  • fire control group
  • trigger pin
  • hammer pin
  • trigger slot
  • safety selector hole.

For more information on the AR-15 Unanodized Stripped Upper Receiver and other products from Tactical Machining, please visit TacticalMachining.com.

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