Tactical Nav for iPhone
Tactical Nav for iPhone

Tactical NAV was created specifically for the troops, and was built from the ground up using real world feedback by troops serving in the field.

The Tactical NAV app now supports the following features:

* Military quality GPS tactical navigation system
* WGS 84 standard
* Tested in combat to ensure utmost accuracy and reliability
* 1:50,000 map scale overlay (1km by 1km gridsquares)
* Waypoint plotting functionality
* Fully editable waypoints
* Location and waypoint sharing via email with other users
* Compass lock function
* Fast user switching between degrees, Mils, elevation, LAT/LONG, and MGRS data
* Camera mode with heads-up data displayed in real-time with photo stamping ability
* One-button night mode function
* “Go to Grid” option
* Multi-tasking support

See more at http://tacticalnav.com/.

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