Tim Ralston Rokon
Tactical Rides: Tim Ralston's Rokon Motorcycle

Let’s put Tim Ralston’s Rokon Two-Wheel Drive Motorcycle in perspective.

Imagine owning a compact motorcycle that can carry two passengers and operates with an easy-to-use automatic transmission; a patented dual-wheel-drive system; a 14-inch ground clearance; a robust set of 8-by-12-by-25-inch, tractor-type tires; and is powered by a four-stroke, 208cc, 7-horsepower, fan-cooled Kohler engine that can operate for up to nine hours on regular unleaded gasoline.

This particular motorcycle can also ford 24 inches of water and is designed to store up to 2.5 gallons of clean water in its 12-inch, hollow-drum wheels. In addition, this motorcycle is also so well balanced it can climb steep grades at slow speeds in on- or off-road conditions.

Tim Ralston’s Rokon Trail-Breaker motorcycle also floats (on its side), which means you can cross flooded areas or other bodies of water without leaving your transportation behind. In fact, to demonstrate this, Ralston floated his Rokon Trail-Breaker motorcycle in a fresh-water river in Arizona.

The Rokon is available at GearUpCenter.com.

For more info check out the Tactical Rides in an upcoming issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS magazine.

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