The author’s X-Ring .22 was equipped with Tactical Solutions’ SB-X barrel and Axiom suppressor as well as a Vantage RS thumbhole stock, a 3-9×33 Leupold VX-2 scope and a Harris bipod.

Tactical Solutions is one of those companies that had an idea for a better product. The better product was a replacement upper receiver for the venerable Ruger MK .22 semi-auto pistol. At the time, the factory upper was made from steel and was equipped with very basic field sights. Tactical Solutions’ original Pac-Lite was a precision-made upper receiver that was machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. It was lighter than the original upper and featured adjustable target sights. Current Pac-Lite models are available in 4.5- and 6-inch barrel lengths and offer several sight options as well as accessory rails. However, what made the Pac-Lites a hit was the factory-threaded barrel, making the unit suppressor ready.
As Tactical Solutions’ product line expanded, the company made the decision to produce a complete rifle. The X-Ring is the company’s match-grade, semi-automatic, rimfire rifle, and it’s available with a variety of barrel and stock options. I recently received an X-Ring rifle with Tactical Solutions’ new trigger group and SB-X barrel.

X-Ring Specs
The X-Ring receiver is the basis for one of the finest .22-caliber rifles on the market today. The X-Ring receiver is machined to exacting specifications from a billet of aircraft-grade aluminum. Unlike the Ruger 10/22, the X-Ring features a dual spring and guide rod system that allows a smooth and balanced operating cycle. The heat-treated bolt is polished, and specific edges have been beveled for enhanced reliability. An extended bolt handle provides a solid purchase when manipulating the action. An integral Picatinny rail allows for a variety of optics and accessories.

Tactical Solutions has long been known for its excellent replacement barrels for the Ruger 10/22. In keeping with the goal of “lighter and better,” all of Tactical Solutions’ aluminum barrels feature rifled, chrome-moly steel liners that have 1-in-16-inch twist rates and 11-degree crowns. Fluting is available on some models and serves to dissipate heat and reduce overall weight. While specifically designed for the Ruger 10/22 rifle, the X-Ring barrel will fit most aftermarket 10/22-style receivers. Barrels are also available with or with­out 1/2-28 threading for mounting a muzzle brake or a suppressor.

Suppressor & Trigger Group
Since I was also testing Tactical Solution’s new Axiom suppressor, I requested that the rifle be set up with the company’s SB-X barrel for suppressor use. The SB-X shortens the overall barrel length, giving the shooter the advantage of a short-barrel rifle (SBR) without the paperwork. X-Ring SB-X barrels have a bore length of 12.25 inches but an overall length of 16.5 inches due to the permanently attached shroud. The suppressor fits inside the shroud, minimizing the overall length to approximately 17 inches.
New for 2013 is the long-awaited Tactical Solutions trigger group. The housing is machined from aluminum while the hammer, sear and disconnector are crafted from A2 tool steel.

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