The PNW Pack Series has been kicking around in Tactical Tailor’s design shop for about 18 months.

Tactical Tailor geeks out over backpacks and the love the great Pacific North West. While Tactical Tailor loves the fit, form and function that a lot of the climbing/alpine packs offered in the mountains, but the problem that consistently surfaced was light weight packs only work well when you put light weight things in them. A pack that works awesome for camping and climbing in the Cascades would fall apart as soon as you added 2 SAW drums, 100 rounds of 7.62 link, a mortar round and a few 5590 batteries.

After several requests, the company started thinking about how it could combine its love of the MALICE pack with more updated outdoor design features that it loved and the PNW Pack Series was born.

As Tactical Tailor was working through the design process, the company carried these packs up Mount Si, Tiger Mountain, Mount Rainer (aka Mount Tahoma) and along the Nisqually River with military weight loads. The staff post holed in the snow, trekked through frozen fog and walked in white out conditions.

The mountains wasted no time in telling Tactical Tailor what it got right and what it got painfully wrong. So the company hit the design table, made some changes and hit the mountains again the next weekend.

Some of the great new features that resulted from these experiences are an adjustable suspension system with load lifters, low profile super straps, outward cinching super belts, compression straps and exterior access zips. The new straps and belts will be available separately as well.

The new PNW Pack Series includes the Regiment, the Raider, the Nisqually, and the Tahoma Tote.

  • The Regiment: Weight: 5.5 pounds; Capacity: 5,100 cubic inches; MSRP: $570 (CB), $630 (MC)
  • The Raider: Weight: 5.2 pounds; Capacity: 3,164 cubic inches; MSRP: $450 (CB), $490 (MC)
  • The Nisqually: Weight: 4.5 pounds; Capacity: 4,103 cubic inches; MSRP: $535 (CB), $580 (MC)
  • The Tahoma Tote: Weight: 3.0 pounds; Capacity: 2,592 cubic inches; MSRP: $510 (CB), $575 (MC)

Scroll through the gallery above for even more on the PNW Pack Series.

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