Training topics are arguably more important than equipment. Having great training with good-enough equipment is better than having great equipment and marginal skill.

Here are some of the best new tactical training products hitting the market this year. Scroll through the gallery above for a look at all of the gear!

5.11 Tactical Speed 3.0 Boots

Good footwear is critical to training, and 5.11 Tactical has updated its Speed family of boots to be lighter while offering the support of full-sized tactical boots. There are three versions. The Speed 3.0 5”, a more durable version with a new cupsole platform and front fence climbing lugs with slip-resistant multi-directional lugs, an antimicrobial lining and an OrthoLite insole is offered in black. The Speed 3.0 8” Side-Zip shares the features found in the 3.0 5” but is 3 inches taller and has a YKK side zipper for easy on/off. Finally, the Speed 3.0 Jungle Boots are made of quick-dry synthetic leather with new jungle cupsoles and self-cleaning lugs, antimicrobial linings, OrthoLite insoles and strobe socks for additional cushioning. (; 866-451-1726)

5.11 Tactical Havoc 30 Backpack

Originally intended as an urban version of 5.11’s Rush bag series, the new Havoc 30 is a low-profile and lightweight bag made from resilient nylon and incorporating a quick-access waist belt with magazine pockets, zip-secured double AR magazine/water bottle pockets, and admin pockets. The pack’s 1.5-inch waist belt is removable, holster compatible and capable of using 5.11 Tactical Zero-G Plates. The laser-cut MOLLE platform allows further customization and storage options. (; 866-451-1726)

Action Target Dual Running Man Pro

The Dual Running Man Pro is equipped with 3-horsepower motors and hardened tool-steel pulleys. Capable of speed settings from walking, jogging and sprinting up to 20 fps, the Modular Ratcheting Mechanism makes it easy to maintain cable tension and ensures accurate target positioning to within a quarter-inch. This precision exceeds the specifications for NRA Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup) shooting, making it ideal for tactical and competitive shooting. The system is controlled by a wireless fob or tablet. All system components meet or exceed IP54 ratings for year-round indoor and outdoor use. The carrier can be ground or ceiling mounted on up to 150 feet of track. (; 888-377-8033)

Action Target E-50 Silhouette

This massive steel silhouette is Action Target’s first commercially available target capable of handling .50 BMG rounds, and the only steel target on the market made from half-inch AR550 steel. Designed to U.S. Marine Corps specifications with a 20-degree angled shooting surface and standard military E-type silhouette proportions, this target is for heavy firearms training and long-range rifle shooting. With a patent-pending stand design that keeps the target grounded even with the largest calibers, it doesn’t require sandbags to keep upright even when struck with heavy rifle fire. The target is ideal for all calibers up to .50 BMG and measures 64 inches tall while weighing 146 pounds. (; 888-377-8033)

Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2

Chronographs are indispensable for handloaders and shooters in need of accurate ballistics information. The G2 literally flips conventional chronograph technology upside down. The inverted G2 system is capable of measuring bullet speed in adverse light conditions, making measurements more accurate than conventional chronographs, and uses a 48 MHz processor with 0.25-percent accuracy at 5 to 9,999 fps. Light sensors are spaced 18 inches apart for more accuracy, and the sunscreens use self-contained LED lights to provide even lighting. The unit collapses into the included storage case. The chronograph’s Bluetooth interfaces with smartphones and other devices, and an accessory app displays velocity, logs data, notes, weather conditions and exports the data via SMS or email. (; 573-445-9200)

Caldwell Ballistic Precision LR Target Camera System

The LR Target Camera can live-stream high-definition video footage of the target to a smart phone or tablet through a free application up to 1 mile. The transceivers are fully contained, waterproof housings that break down into a compact storage case for easy transport. The HD camera records in 720p and transmits to the firing line and to the user’s Android or iOS device. The units have integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for extended use and can use an external power jack for more permanent installation. The free app saves pictures of target and groups, calculates group sizes, saves information and notes, and records still images and video. (; 573-445-9200)

Caldwell Mag Charger Tac-30

The Tac-30 rapidly loads AR-15 magazines. Designed to accept ammunition from any common 20-round ammo manufacturer box or up to three 10-round stripper clips, the entire process of filling the Tac-30 with ammo and loading all 20 to 30 rounds into a magazine takes less than 10 seconds. It works with .223/5.56mm and .204 cartridges. (; 573-445-9200)

Caldwell Accumax AR-15 Barrel Cooler

The Caldwell Accumax AR-15 Barrel Cooler is designed for high-volume AR-15 shooting. The unit locks into any mil-spec magazine well using the magazine lock and forces cool air through the chamber and down the barrel. A high-pressure fan with dual motor bearings and an integral wind tunnel directs air through the chamber to drastically decrease cool-down time. Barrels are typically cooled in half the normal time. The rechargeable, 12-volt lithium-ion battery runs for over three hours on a single charge. (; 573-445-9200)

Chamber-View Empty Chamber Indicators

Chamber-View is a product line for all firearms that provides instant and nonverbal recognition to all that a firearm is clearly safe by indicating an open and cleared action. When used, Chamber-View enhances safety by aiding against accidental closings of the action while preventing debris from getting into the ejection port, action, magazine or barrel. Made of a durable silicone in a highly visible blaze orange, these will not melt or deform even when used in a hot barrel. Models are available for shotguns, self-loading rifles and pistols of various makes as well as with custom colors and logos. (; 603-864-8999)

Glock 17R

The Glock 17R pistols automatically reset the trigger without having to manually manipulate the slide. This allows for safe, practical dry-fire training, especially with shooting simulators. The 17R handles exactly like the real thing with no chance of negligent discharges. The frame is red, and the slide has no firing pin or firing pin hole, making it impossible to fire a live round. The non-firing barrel blank does have a chamber so dummy rounds and laser emitters can be used for training while eliminating any chance of firing live or training cartridges. The trigger mechanism is reworked so that it resets itself without needing to manipulate the slide for continued dry shots. (; 770-432-1202)

Glock 17T FX

The Glock G17 T FX is a blue-framed pistol designed for Simunition and UTM marking cartridges. Like the G17R, it accepts aftermarket sights, however, the weight is a bit different due to using a polymer/metal slide to reliably work with lower-powered marking rounds. (; 770-432-1202)

Lyman Auto-Advance Target Stand

Lyman’s Auto-Advance Target Stand is a remote-controlled target-advancement unit previously only found in industrial systems. The included handheld controller works out to 200 yards, rolling out fresh targets with the push of a button. The unit is battery operated and disassembles for transport. Steel protection plates are rated for all rimfire calibers, and the stand’s legs use inexpensive electrical conduit tubing available at any home center should they need replacing. The Auto-Advance Target comes with a roll of standard bullseye targets and additional target rolls are available with bullseye, animal and silhouette designs. (; 800-225-9626)

MGM Auto-Poppers

Auto-Popper targets are spring-loaded steel targets that fall down when hit but automatically return upright with a spring attached in the base. MGM targets are typically overbuilt and robust. The company’s Auto-Poppers include a “guaranteed forever” spring that will be replaced should you manage to wear it out. The new .22 Auto-Popper Colt Speed Plate target is constructed from 3/16-inch AR-400 steel and is 5 by 12 inches in size. This target also includes 100 rounds of Gemtech .22 ammo. (; 208-454-0555)

MGM Steel Challenge Target Sets

This IPSC silhouette steel includes a 17.75-by-29.5-by-0.38-inch, hardened, laser-cut AR-500 plate, one cap/target hanger and a base. Hang the cap from a 2×4 post and you are ready to run. The bases are welded tube steel with a cup to hold the 2×4 up with the Steel Challenge Shooting Association-approved cap/target hanger. (; 208-454-0555)

Oakwood Controls H-Bar Target System

The H-Bar is a professional- and military-grade LOMAH (Location Of Misses And Hits) system that can detect and locate shots from supersonic bullets arriving at the target at least 1,200 fps. The combination of acoustic sensors, temperature sensors and electronics produce accuracy levels within 5mm throughout the scoring area. The system is capable of detecting both hits and misses and is designed to work on a stationary target where the bullet is fired 15 degrees to the target. The H-Bar is portable and mobile, and the included transceiver unit works with any Windows-based computer with WiFi. In addition to the included rechargeable battery, the system can be powered using 12-volt cabling. (; 717-801-1515)

Panteao’s Make Ready Series

Panteao Productions offers a series of instructional videos featuring Freddie Blish, Dave Harrington, Paul Howe, Mike Lamb, Pat McNamara, Bill Rogers, Bob Vogel and Tom Yost, among many others. Videos can be purchased individually in DVD format, as premium streaming content or via a subscription that allows you to stream all available videos during the subscription time. All subscription plans include a 20-percent discount on additional purchases, and an annual subscription also includes a one-year NRA membership. (; 800-381-9752)

Peltor ComTac Headsets

Peltor’s ComTac Headsets are designed to provide warfighters the options needed for successful field hearing protection and combat communications. These headsets amplify ambient sound while protecting against loud noises. In addition, audio cords plug into radio communication equipment, allowing use of radios without removing hearing protection. Should the headset battery fail, they continue to protect against noise and will still work with a radio. They have a level-dependent surround sound for “talk through,” an ambidextrous, noise-canceling boom mic and are fully adjustable. (; 800-328-1667)

Peltor TEP-100 Tactical Earplugs

Peltor’s TEP-100 earplugs are small, lightweight and rechargeable earplugs designed for tactical, engineering and maintenance applications. The units wear like normal earplugs and block sound if the battery is depleted, however, when charged and on these earplugs amplify sound while blocking dangerous sound levels. A simple, single-button interface turns the plugs on, off and adjusts volume settings, and the battery lasts up to 16 hours. When not in use, the plugs can be charged via micro USB port or by placing them in the included case, which houses three AA batteries. Three AA batteries can fully recharge these earplugs up to 16 times, and the case fits neatly in a pocket, making these ideal for military and remote field use. (; 800-328-1667)

Romtes Short Circuit Targets

Originally designed for the Israeli Defense Forces, the Romtes Short Circuit Target uses a special corrugated target with multiple scoring zones embedded with a thin circuit layer. When a bullet passes through the target, the base immediately signals the included LCD scoring tablet which zone received a hit. The base is battery operated and wireless. The targets can absorb hundreds, sometimes well over 1,000 rounds with accurate feedback. Romtes went with a proprietary LCD tablet for improved durability and ease of reading in bright outdoor light. One tablet can keep track of the scoring zones of numerous targets. (

Safariland Hatch S7 Sling Pack

The S7 Sling Pack is a good range or training bag. Made of 1,000-denier nylon, the S7 has three exterior compartments and eight interior pockets, a key clip, pen/pencil pockets, multiple magazine holders and a C-clip for belt attachment to eliminate bouncing while moving. In addition, MOLLE panels are on the front for attaching additional accessories. (; 800-347-1200)

UTM Civilian Target Ammunition

As the name implies, UTM’s Civilian Target Ammunition (CTA) is available for sale direct to civilian shooters. Previously only available for police and military sales, CTA is a safe, reliable alternative to live ammunition and can be used in environments not conducive to shooting lethal ammunition. The CTA plastic projectile weighs less than 1 gram with an average velocity of 375 fps at the muzzle. The low-noise .223 replacement uses no gunpowder; instead, the projectile is launched with a dual lead-free primer system that expands the case back against the UTM conversion kit blowback bolt. While not for use as force-on-force marking cartridges, this less-lethal ammunition can be used on makeshift ranges or shoothouses that would be unsafe with full-power ammunition. Safety is further enhanced as the UTM conversion bolt uses an offset firing pin incapable of firing live ammunition. (; 877-886-7233)

Walker’s Game Ear HD Elite Comm Package

With three program settings (communication, enhancement, and combined) this Game Ear Elite includes a push-to-talk microphone to allow wireless communication in combination with enhanced hearing while blocking out harmful noise levels. Ideal for range and field use, the Adjustable Frequency Tuning offers 50 decibels of hearing enhancement with four digital sound processing channels; a 20-bit audio processor for crisp, clear sound; an eight-band graphic equalizer; toggle volume control; sound-activated compression; and a Nano-Tech water-repellant coating. The package includes a pair of Game Ears, a PTT microphone loop, a sound tube/earplug, #13 batteries and a carrying case. (; 877-269-8490)

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