Tactically Practical PRV15 grip
The PRV15 from Tactically Practical

Tactically Practical designs products that are, well, tactically practical.

The company’s PRV15 grip is evidence of that.

The PRV15 grip is a Picatinny rail mounted foregrip, designed with shooter comfort and stability in mind — which ultimately leads to accuracy.

Technically, the PRV15 is a Picatinny rail mounted grip with a “V” shape and a 15-degree rotation of the handle. Additionally, it puts accessories within easy reach for active use on the fly without changing your hand placement.

The angle and slight rotation of the grip provides a more comfortable grip, as well as a user friendly platform for accessories such as lights, lasers, cameras and more.

Included in the package is a custom camera mount, as well as a picatinny rail so every user can customize their shooting experience.

The PRV15 retails for $49.95 and is available now.

For more information on the PRV15 and other products from Tactically Practical, please visit TacticallyPractical.com.

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