TangoDown ARC Mag

TangoDown ARC Mag takes full advantage of the latest polymers available from the aerospace industry – materials impervious to the effects of solvents and lubricants. After molding, TangoDown ARC Mags are permanently bonded together with advanced adhesives during manufacturing, so no disassembly is possible, or required. ARC Mag has a unique low-friction semi-floating follower that is slotted to allow for easy magazine cleaning. Just dunk the ARC Mag in hot soapy water, rinse and invert to drain. That’s hassle-free maintenance. ARC Mag also features a premium stainless steel spring. Life expectancy for this spring is 100,000+ cycles. TangoDown ARC Mag can be handled by the operator in any condition- note the aggressive ridges front and rear. They allow a positive purchase when seating the ARC Mag. The deep waffle pattern on the magazine’s sides assist in rapid extraction from mag pouches. Every surface on the ARC Mag was given careful consideration to help out the operator.

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