TAPCO‘s Intrafuse AR Handguard is designed to address the needs of every shooter – both civilian and tactical professionals.  Constructed of high- strength composite, this handguard is extremely durable and offers a 50% weight reduction over comparable aluminum systems.  The Picatinny rails  located at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock enables the shooter to mount vertical grips, flashlights, and aiming lasers to their weapon.  Designed as a true modular system, our handguard includes covers for both the bottom rail and the side rails so you can configure the weapon to suit your needs.

tapco3Uncover the rails you need to use and leave the cover on for the ones you don’t.  Numerous ventilation holes provide plenty of air circulation to reduce barrel overheating.  Fits the standard carbine barrel configuration. Made in the U.S.A. Fits the AR15 and M4 Carbines.  Black, Dark Earth, OD. MSRP  $59.99.

• Packaged in:
o Self-Standing or Hanging Trifold
o Cases of 20

• Works with:
o AR15 / M4 Carbines
o Vertical Grips
o Optics
o Hand Guard Removal Tool

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