Targabot Team Miculek
(L-R) Lena Miculek, Jerry Miculek and Kay Miculek with the Targabot.(CREDIT: Targamite)

Robotic targets are a thing of the future.

Actually, thanks to Targamite, they’re a thing of the present.

Targamite has introduced the Targabot, the world’s first portable, computer-controlled, robotic target platform.

Designed for any shooter who needs or desires to become a confident situational firearms user, the Targabot offers a new dimension of challenge and training engagement. The target itself can move up and down or in 180-degree arcs (or in combinations of those movements), and users can program their own sequences or use built-in patterns.

The Targabot is battery or AC powered, and it’s also lightweight, making it one-person portable. The target comes with a wireless remote control and weighs less than 20 pounds and is easily transportable with just one person.

“This is the first target system that develops rapid target acquisition skills, which have become a primary focus in the tactical training context, said pro shooter Jerry Miculek, whose Team Miculek recently endorsed the Targabot.

For more information on the Targabot, please visit Targamite.com.

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