Target Tracker‘s eponymously named training system is a fully remote control product which is designed to hold any target for a variety of shooting training and practice needs. There are Target Tracker variants built for law enforcement professionals and SWAT teams, military combat training, competitive shooters and marksmen, hunters, rifle, pistol, archery and shooting enthusiasts. Simply put, Target Tracker is suitable for multiple applications and weather conditions. Scroll down to watch a video for more information.

Possessing a modular design for easy setup and use, the Target Tracker system has a guaranteed range of over 200 yards with a maximum distance of 500 meters. In addition, it has a average runtime of six to ten hours, a variable speed of 0-9 miles per hour, a 120-pound payload, fully integrated steering, puncture-resistant PU Foam tires and much more. There are four variants of the Target Tracker: the Advanced Tactical System, Hostage Threat Training System, Target Tracker Hunting Unit, and the Law Enforcement Tactical Training System. In addition, Target Tracker also sells pistol holsters, RUAG Copper-Matrix ammunition, an optical sighting instrument, and a few different prototype items.

Specifications: Target Tracker
-120lb Payload with an average continuous run time of 3-6 hours
-Intermittent Runtime average 6-10 hours
-Designed to handle 300lbs with Limited Run time under 2 hours
-0-9 MPH Variable Speed
-Guaranteed 200 + yard range with a maximum distance of 500 meters
-Easily upgradeable to 1000 meters
-Fully Integrated Steering
-Articulating Front Axle for rugged terrain and obstacles
-Puncture Resistant PU Foam Tires
-54″L x 40″W x 14″H – 80lbs. Customized versions of various sizes available to accommodate shoot houses and doorways
-Modular design for easy setup and operation.
-Can be disassembled to fit in the trunk of most vehicles
-Rapid Deployment Capability from a Tactical Truck, SUV or SWAT Trailer

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