When it rains it pours—and when the zombies come they won’t be just harmlessly shuffling along in one and twos for easy picking, they will show up in numbers. The local shopping center will probably sell out quick of essential anti-zombie gear when that happens, so it is best to stock up now.

Just In Case

Whether transporting your rifle to and from the range or just for safety, you will want to keep it secured and well protected so it is ready when you need it. The new zombie-patterned rifle case from MidwayUSA gives you plush-padded protection in two sizes, 42- and 46-inch. The foam padding is on both sides and thick enough to guard against damage from random impacts, scratches, dirt, moisture, etc.


The cases are built tough with heavy-duty zippers, reinforced seams/handles, and a convenient shoulder strap. They also have exterior pockets for extra high-cap magazines and other accessories. Plus you get a distinct biohazard MidwayUSA logo on the front and the entire bag features a bright-green zombie-theme design showing their disembodied heads like hunting trophies—just to show them who is boss. (; 800-243-3220).

Of course you also need to consider what goes into your gun case. My preference for zombie clearing is the AR since ammo and spare parts are easy to find. The inherent accuracy of the gas impingement system also makes those much-needed headshots a lot easier. Plus the low recoil means any family member can handle it and it lets you stay on target for fast follow-up shots.

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When it rains it pours—and when the zombies come they won’t be just harmlessly…