TargetVision LR1 Long-Range Wireless Spotting Scope

It can be hard to spot hits out to 1,000 yards away even with spotting scopes. But one new product can really help you dial in at extreme distances.

The TargetVision LR1 Long-Range Wireless Spotting Scope consists of a remote camera encased in a rugged, water-resistant housing, and a receiver.

Place the camera about 10 to 15 feet from the target and, once synced to software on your phone, tablet or laptop, you’ll get a clear picture of the target. Move the receiver with you back to the rifle, and you’ll be set up to watch and track hits without needing to move downrange to check your shots.

It’s easy to set this system up, and its 16-plus-hour run time will get you through the day with ease. The iOS and Android software allows for multiple viewers, a live camera view and shot tracking, recognition and numbering. You can also record snapshots of your targets.

I used the LR1 while testing the Mossberg MVP-LC, which made it an easy day on the range shooting out to 900 yards. The camera’s picture was very clear, allowing me to precisely work out the proper elevation holds. The tracking features are nice, and the LR1 allowed me to save the session for future use. It only took a minute to take everything down when I was all done, and everything fits in a hard case for transport.

In short, the LR1 system will definitely see a ton of use during my precision rifle training and upcoming long-range rifle tests.

For more information on the LR1 Long-Range Wireless Spotting Scope and other products from TargetVision, please visit or call 281-205-8134.

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