Not all the Good Guys are ground-pounders, but one common denominator is that the better they are at their jobs, the more they come under fire. Take Taser for example. There have been cases where subjects who have been Tased subsequently died (you know, like they would have in the old days when the officer didn’t have the Taser non-lethal option and had to use his sidearm). Even though the Taser had nothing to do with the death, however, the reporters and lawyers are sure to follow. The much-publicized death of Mathew Bolick has been ruled by the Kent County medical examiner to have been unrelated to the fact the subject had been Tased by police responding to a 911 call from his home. Dr. David Start said Bolick died of acute exhaustive mania, also known as “excited delirium syndrome,” a psychiatric disorder where an episode causes the person to become delusional, agitated, aggressive and hyperactive. Their adrenaline shoots very high as does their body temperature. In Bolick’s case, these symptoms led to cardiac arrest. Although Bolick was Tased by an officer whom he struck in the face, and again when he went ballistic in his home, Dr. Start said there is no evidence whatsoever that police did anything that would have caused Bolick’s death.—DM

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