The call first went out as a suspicious person on the football field at the high school. The school principal met the responding officers in the parking area and said the man appeared distraught and had been observed wandering around the field talking to himself and occasionally yelling and kicking the ground. As the officers walk toward the man they see what appears to be a knife glinting in the sun. With no available cover to safely approach the man, they attempt to talk to him from a safe distance away. Based on his actions and statements they quickly determine that he is an EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person) who, in between incoherent rants, threatens to use the knife against himself and the officers. Forming a hasty plan, one of the officers deploys an unusual-looking shotgun from the trunk of the patrol car.

Even with a yellow stock and forearm, the shotgun looks familiar—except for the TASER X26 mounted on a Picatinny rail system under the forearm. With other officers providing back-up with their pistols, the shotgun-armed officer moves to about 50 feet from the subject, takes aim and fires. But instead of the loud boom associated with a standard buckshot or slug round, there is a pop and then a loud scream from the EDP as he crumples to the ground. With the shotgun-armed officer and pistol-armed officer providing cover, a patrolman approaches, kicks the knife a distance away and safely handcuffs the subject, who turns out to be a long-term mentally ill man off his medication. Tragedy has been averted thanks to tactical options provided by Mossberg and TASER International.

It’s something new—a firearm manufacturer and an electronic control device (ECD) company teaming up together to provide law-enforcement and the military with a state-of-the-art less-lethal control weapons system. Such is the case with O.F. Mossberg & Sons recently teaming up with TASER International on the implementation of a shotgun specifically designed to deliver the 12-gauge TASER XREP (Extended Range Electronic Projectile) round. Yes, we have kinetic-energy impact munitions (bean bag rounds and rubber projectiles), chemical munitions projectiles in both OC and CS, as well as door-breaching rounds and 12 gauge flash-and-noise distraction rounds. But all these specialty rounds and projectiles fire out of a standard shotgun. In my career I have not seen the occasion when an arms manufacturer worked to develop a shotgun specifically to maximize the delivery of less-lethal force.

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