Over the past decade, TASER Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) became widely recognized as a safer, more effective response to resistance. While TASER ECDs revolutionized law enforcement, they had one significant drawback: a single shot capability. At best, an officer in the heat of conflict can attempt to reload. At worst, this scenario may escalate to other force options if an operator misses or faces multiple subjects. Transitioning to other force options can result in more significant injuries and even lethal outcomes that could be avoided with a multiple-engagement capable ECD.

Today, with breakthrough multi-shot technology, the new TASER X3 provides the ability to deploy a second and third cartridge immediately and can even simultaneously incapacitate up to three subjects with a single X3 unit.

Advanced Features
• Multiple shot ECD enhances officer safety by allowing quick recovery from misses and/or engagement with multiple targets.
• Ability to gain voluntary compliance and avert use-of-force with stronger deterrence from Warning Arc display while cartridges are loaded.
• Enhanced safety characteristics with Pulse Calibration System and Charge Diffusion™ Probe design. Its new Pulse Calibration System (PCS) constantly monitors and calibrates electrical output to deliver a Precision Shaped Pulse™ that provides more consistent effects on the target and improved safety characteristics.
• Environmentally Hardened system survives sea spray, rain, dust, electrostatic discharge and even short-term water submersion.
• Enhanced sensors and Trilogy™ Log record TASER discharge characteristics to discern connection to target and actual duration of stimulation.
• Improved Range Adjusted Dual Laser System increases officer effectiveness.

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