Taser International’s AXON™ is a tactical computer that brings the power of incident video to every law enforcement officer. Law enforcement officers constantly face false allegations and complaints that question their integrity and honor. With AXON, you now have the ability to show administrators and even jurors exactly what you saw, from your visual perspective. The AXON system is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing radio communications through a standard 3.5 mm headphone connection, providing two way communications in addition to full audio-video recording from a head camera the size and weight of a standard Bluetooth® headset.

HEADCAM- Maximum Comfort and East of Use
The HeadCam comes standard with a head brace similar to the behind the head style of the most popular jogging headphones used with MP3 players today. However, the HeadCam can be mounted through various accessories to glasses, helmets, or just about anywhere – giving the officer the power to choose the configuration that maximizes his or her comfort and usability.

Features & Benefits:
• Integrates with Radio Earpiece
•  Color and Low Light IR
• Multiple Mounting Options

COM HUB- One Button Operation
Designed with input from hundreds of leading tactical trainers and operators, the AXON system is designed for simple, easy operation even under extreme stress. The Com Hub has a standard push to talk button for radio controls, and a single AXON event button, requiring the push of a single button to activate the AXON system to initiate event capture. There are no other buttons or controls that may distract the officer.

Features & Benefits:
• Connects HeadCam, Radio, ATC
•  User Controls
•  Push to Talk
•  Start / Stop Event Record
•  Privacy Button

ATC – AXON™ TACTICAL COMPUTER- A Powerful Tactical Computer
The ATC is stored away, in dedicated pockets such as the Blauer AXON certified uniforms, on the belt in a holster, or just about anywhere. The 4.3 inch touch screen display enables playback and analysis of incident video, as well as limitless future applications.

Features & Benefits:
• Linux Operating System
•  Video Compression & Storage
•  12-Hour Rechargeable Battery
•  LCD Screen

SYNAPSE ETM – Evidence Transfer Manager
The Synapse™ Evidence Transfer Manager (ETM) is a docking station that simultaneously recharges the AXON Main Processing Unit (MPU) and uploads all data captured from the officer’s point-of-view during his/her shift to Synapse™ ensures that evidence handling is completely secured and untainted.

Features & Benefits:
•  128-Bit Encrypted Transport
•  Redundant
•  Geographically Dispersed
•  Encrypted
•  Secure Data Centers
•  24/7/365 Availability

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