Tetra Gun Care Cleaner Degreaser

The following is a press release from Tetra Gun Care:

FTI, Inc. specializes in advanced lubrication and cleaning technology. The company has recently developed a “green” cleaner formula to add to the its Tetra Gun care product line.

The new Tetra Gun Cleaner Degreaser is a water-based formula designed to effectively remove lead and carbon fouling as well as pre-existing lubricant and solvent residue from firearm parts.

The product also includes a special additive to prevent flash rust from forming before parts are re-lubricated. What’s more, after wiping down gun parts, Cleaner Degreaser leaves virtually no residue.

Tetra Gun Cleaner Degreaser is an environmentally-safe solution that is gentle on the skin, easy on finishes and generally harmless to non-metal parts, including wood, rubber, polymer and composite materials.

The Cleaner Degreaser can also be used in ultrasonic machines or parts washers. The product has a mild, pleasant odor and is also non-hazardous, non-flammable, and biodegradable.

Unlike many traditional cleaners, Cleaner Degreaser does not contain petroleum, solvents or ammonia.

Tetra Gun care’s Cleaner Degreaser is available in a 4-ounce pump spray bottle.

For more information on the Cleaner Degreaser and other products from Tetra Gun Care, please visit TetraGunCare.com.

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