Tetra Gun Powder Solvent - New for 2014
Tetra Gun Powder Solvent - New for 2014

FTI, Inc, a New Jersey-based developer of advanced fluoropolymer metal surface treatment technology since 1985, currently offers a line of gun care products for hunters, competitive shooters, law enforcement, military personnel and collectors worldwide, under the name Tetra Gun.

Brand new for 2014, Tetra Gun has announced the release of an ammonia-free, concentrated powder solvent designed to decisively remove powder and carbon fouling from the bore. Developed for quick and easy firearms cleaning, the powder solvent is just the latest high-power solvent to be released by Tetra Gun. According to the press release, testing has shown that bores kept free of powder and fouling build-up using the new powder solvent provided enhanced accuracy. Adding to its appeal, the new powder solvent will not etch the barrel of the firearm.

Tetra Gun’s new powder solvent is available for purchase in a 4 oz. blue glass bottle. The manufacturer suggested retail price for this item is not yet available.

FTI is a renowned manufacturer of performance products for the firearm industry, including performance lubricants, cleaning solvents, gun cleaning cloths, cleaning and stock finishing kits, cleaning rods, and much more, all under the Tetra name. There’s a reason that Tetra is a proven leader in the industry. “Our standards for performance and value benchmarks continue to lead the industry through innovation, honesty, work ethic and integrity,” their website reads.

For more information about the Powder Solvent and the full range of gun care products currently offered by Tetra, please visit http://www.tetraguncare.com

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