Geoff Miller, who has experience teaching long-range rifle shooting to civilians and law-enforcement snipers, saw a need for a superior spotting scope. Miller and his students wanted one that is both easy to use and capable of exceptional magnification and resolution, especially since boosting magnification without an increase in resolution is practically useless. Since natural binocular vision gives more depth perception and heightens visual acuity than does squinting through a monocular eyepiece, Goeff knew he wanted to apply that knowledge to the creation of a large-aperture spotting scope.

The result is the Rogue River FNS 120 Binocular Super Scope, which offers unexcelled magnification, clarity and light-gathering capability. This is due to its huge objective lens (more than 14 square inches), superior glass apochromatic lens system (corrected for four colors) and highly effective coatings that, depending on the eyepiece, allow magnifications from 20-power to more than 100-power. Think of using a high quality binocular mated with a powerful telescope to produce sustained comfort for long-term use and stunning clarity when spotting the smallest movement.

fns2The very features of having a very large objective (120mm) lens keeps the FNS 120 from being suitable for all applications. However, the Super Scope is ideal for surveillance, varmint shooting, target spotting, marine use and astronomical viewing. Currently in use with warriors overseas, snipers report that there is virtually no eye strain because of the enhanced resolution.

At the range I found the set up easy and although the pieces appear delicate, the sum total is a very robust scope that brought the target butts right to the firing line. The FNS 120 allowed me to spot 5.56mm holes at 100 yards using the 21mm (30x) eyepieces and preventing many trips downrange. Other eyepieces (50x, 58x, 80x) are available to identify detail out to 1,000 yards or more.  Although the cost seems high (MSRP is $1,956.00), having one with a five year warranty that can also be used as an astronomy tool, surveillance optic or even to aid in maritime navigation, it surely beats the lesser, smaller and cheaper scopes.

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Rogue River Model FNS 120 Specifications
– Scope length without binocular unit and lenses – 18 inches
– Scope length with binocular unit and 25mm lenses – 22 inches
– Total weight of lenses, scope and case – 18 pounds
– 120mm (4.7 inch) objective lens
– Field of view 20x 155 feet at 1000 yards, 30x 110 feet at 1000 yards
– Telescoping sunshade and quick detach front lens cover
– Ambidexterous Focusing knobs
– Fitted hard case (20 ⅛ x 8 ⅛ x 11 ½) with inner soft case

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