The design of extra high capacity magazines is based on a balance between the number of rounds carried with tactical usefulness and overall weight. Built to move literally pounds of brass and steel, they operate on a delicate compromise between feed reliability and spring tension on the ammunition.  One extra hi-cap mag that has successfully addressed those issues is the MWG 90-Rounder Snail Drum Magazine. It holds 90 Rounds of 5.56mm immediate firepower for your AR-15 and other rifles or carbines, but it is lightweight and durable. It uses a simple, replaceable spring to keep the bullets properly tensioned for consistent feeding even after loaded storage.

dsc00225Manufactured by MWG, it is a cheaper alternative to belt fed weapons or expensive mags that hold about the same amount of ammo. As Eugene Stoner envisioned, the AR magazine should be expendable, but in all reality, some shooters would balk at ditching a costly 100-round double drum mag when a tactical reload on the move is needed!

The 90-Rounder is made from the newest high-grade, heat resistant polymers and features a translucent polymer backing, which allows immediate viewing of the remaining ammo at an easy glance. It has a pre-installed, permanent layer of silver-gray Teflon lubricant powder to keep the ammo flowing, eliminating the need for additional lubrication. The 90-Rounder curves to the left of the rifle, which gives it an asymmetrical look, but is sufficiently comfortable to cradle in the crook of your arm or use with a forward hand grip for stability.

During use, the magazine reliably fed its full capacity after being stored partially loaded (eighty rounds) then topped off and shot. The magazine can easily be loaded singularly or with GI stripper clips with a MWG loading chute and plunger. Overall, the 90-rounder is a useful tool for shooters who want the immediate availability of what would be a belt of SAW ammo!

MWG 90 Rounder Specifications:
Caliber: 5.56×45mm NATO (5.56mm NATO) / .223 Rem.
Capacity: 90 Rds
Weight Empty: 1.25 lbs.
Weight Loaded: 3.60 lbs.
Length: 7.75″ (Only 3/4″ longer that the standard 30 Rd. Magazine)

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